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About us

Exploring the Concept

Happy Yak, although a recently launched brand, really dates back several years. It was actually in 1996 that the idea of facilitating outdoor excursions for sportspersons of all ability levels begins in the mind of Christine Chénard, President and cofounder of Happy Yak. Without realizing how far this concept would lead her many years later, it is with great enthusiasm that she accepted to develop meals that would ensure food survival for her friends Bernard Voyer and Thierry Pétry on their journey to the South Pole.

Meet The People Behind Happy Yak


Master of nutrition with a keen sense of aromas and flavours, Christine has long shared her time between a dynamic career in consumer research and her multiple adventure travels in Greenland, Nepal and New Zealand, among others. Exploring such remote and unmarked destinations year after year has struck a balance in her very busy life and brought to light the hidden beauties of the world.

Today, her natural culinary talents, graduate studies in nutrition, professional marketing experience and - above all - profound passion for the great outdoors constitute the four naturally linked pillars of Happy Yak’s solid foundation.


Born entrepreneur, Guy turns the Happy Yak dream into a profitable project. In sync with his entrepreneurial acumen, he knows how to draw upon his extensive experience in retail trade, customer service and finance to build a business platform that surpasses the expectations of the Yak Addicts community. For Guy, customer satisfaction is of the essence, and thus, sets out to establish standards to maximize service flexibility, speed of delivery and above all, the exceptional flavor of the products prepared with the utmost care.

Combat sports enthusiast and accomplished hiker, Guy has climbed peaks in the Alps and in the highest mountain ranges of Russia and Argentina. Active go-getter with a jovial demeanor, Guy is fully committed in all aspects of his life and gives his all at all times. This is particularly evident with Happy Yak, as its formidable success is the result of his ambitious vision.

Less Time Planning, More Time Enjoying. Happy Yak Redefines Camping Food!

Early summer 2012, Christine and Guy’s complementary profiles join forces, and in March 2013, the partners successfully launch Happy Yak, a true reflection of its creators.

Active families, urban sportspersons, travellers and adventurers now have a tasty, nutritious, and simple solution for their outdoor foods. With Happy Yak, outdoor dining becomes a unique opportunity to enjoy life, share good food with friends and family! Forget about long preparation time, go out and welcome the freedom to travel the world, seek the adventure, live free. Freedom to enjoy life, this is what inspires us to go farther!

It thus comes as no surprise that since its inception, Happy Yak feeds your adventures great and small, even those of its ambassadors such as Mylene Paquette’s transatlantic solo crossing.

Happy Yak is also proud to donate 1% of its annual sales to Leave No Trace, Scouts Canada and many others.

Our selection process ensure that the entities we select, reflect our company’s values, and they are re-evaluated every year.

Be it a weekend getaway or full-fledged expedition, we are proud to be there and feed the beast in you! Christine and Guy and the team's members