Justin Barbour

Country of origin / Canada

Mission: To inspire others to utilize, appreciate and respect all nature offers. Maybe even light a fire in some bellies to step a little outside a comfort zone & dare to live a dream.


Professional Adventurer-Explorer Justin Barbour aims to share his expeditions and outdoor life. Specialized in wilderness living and expeditions, he prefers self-propelled movement. Hike, paddle, ski, snowshoe, claw. Whatever moves him by—his own steam.

He fishes, forages & hunts. He loves camping, survival & bushcraft. He does ong, challenging expeditions as well as shorter relaxed tours. His dogs are usually along for the ride. And they carry their own weight.

In 2017, Justin and his dog Saku trekked 700 kilometers across Newfoundland’s wilderness by foot, snowshoe, and pack-raft. Justin and Saku’s 2017 expedition is detailed in Justin’s bestselling memoir titled: Man and Dog: Through the Newfoundland Wilderness as well as Saku’s Great Newfoundland Adventure, a youth-focused outdoor education book told from Saku’s point of view.

In 2018, the duo set off on a new adventure, traveling 1000 kilometers by canoe and foot across Labrador and into Northern Quebec – that docuseries is also on YouTube.

In the summer of 2020, they spent 52 days in Newfoundland’s 2,895km² Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve. That expedition is currently airing as a 6 episodes docuseries on YouTube and televised on Canada’s Bell Fibe TV – Channel 1.

Barbour’s new project is an Expedition Northeast – a never before attempted continuous crossing of northeast Canada.1 Year / 4 seasons, roughly 3800km.
He will depart from Hudson Bay on July 2023.



  • Canoe 1000 km across Labrador/Northern Quebec wilderness with Cape Shore water dog, Saku ( 83 days July – October 2018)
  • Snowshow/ packraft /hike 700 km across Newfoundland’s interior wilds with Saku (68 days April – June 2017)
  • Canoe and hike 300 km touring throughout Newfoundland’s 2985 sq/km Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve with Saku (52 days July – September 2020)
  • Backpacking 215km through Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula with Saku (26 Days – July 2021)
  • Snowshoe and toboggan 200+ km through the Labrador interior near Ossokmanuan Lake with Malamute Bear (43 Days February – March 2022)
  • Hike and packraft 175 km south to north through Newfoundland interior wilderness from Grey River to Millertown with Saku (16 days August 2019)
  • Snowshoe and toboggan 130 km throughout Middle Ridge Wildlife Reserve and Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve with Saku and Malamute, Bear (32 days February – March 2020)
  • Canoe and hike 120 km across Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula solo (16 days July 2015)
  • Snowshoe and toboggan 110 km through Labrador’s Eagle Plateau with Malamute Bear (27 days March – April 2021)
  • Canoe 60 km down a portion of Labrador’s Sandhill River solo (3 days June 2016)