Sponsorship and collaboration request

Thank you for your interest in Happy Yak and its products !

Happy Yak is proud to be involved in the community since its creation; generosity is part of the values of our business. To demonstrate this, 1% of our annual sales is donated to organizations to support social development initiatives related to the promotion of outdoor activities having strong positive impacts.

Happy Yak does not grant monetary sponsorships. Our annual sponsorship budget allows us to support a limited number of initiatives in the form of discounts on meals. To be selected, your initiative must first and foremost be related to our mission of encouraging people in participating in outdoor activities that are influential and sustaining, while encouraging individuals to push their limits. In addition, at least one of the following concepts must be a central part of the initiative: INSPIRATION, AWARENESS, PROTECTION. The sponsorship must support the organization of the event, supporting the cause and not the organisers.

To analyze the initiatives in a fair manner, we have developed the electronic request form below. Only requests transmitted through this form will be considered by our committee. Please note that only applications selected by the committee will be contacted. We are currently receiving a high volume of requests, please allow us 1-2 weeks to evaluate your application. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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