The Happy Yak social mission: “1% to motivate, educate and protect”

Each year, 1% of our annual gross revenue are donated to various organizations that share our mission and values. It is thanks to all of you that we are able to contribute to this important mission. Please note that under no circumstances is this amount used for the administration of the program. We contribute directly to the selected organizations, ensuring that they support our mission.


Motivating people to move, to challenge themselves, to recharge their batteries in nature, to reach goals is essential for us. Whether it’s a family activity or climbing Mount Everest, we are here to encourage you with your projects.


Good lifestyle habits, a healthy diet, respect for nature and our planet, outdoor safety and autonomy are principles that young and young at heart should all have.


Respect for nature and our various environments for future generations is important to us. We believe that helping to conserve and protect our ecosystems while encouraging everyone to adopt a zero-waste approach to outdoor activities will help keep our planet healthy.

Various organizations we support

Leave No Trace

Scouts Canada

Double défi des deux Marios

Santé Globale

Warrior Adventures Canada