Magnetawan, Ontario's Jim Baird is a professional Adventurer who grew up exploring the Crown Lands of Southern Ontario, Canada alongside his brother Ted. He turned the confidence he built from exploring the outdoors at a young age into a passion for wilderness travel in Canada's North. Jim is an avid canoeist, and has several impressive whitewater trips to his credit, many of them with his brother Ted and his wife Tori. He's also the first on record to complete a self-propelled trek across the Northern Ungava Peninsula in Winter - a 370- kilometre Arctic trek he completed with his dog Buck. The accumulation of skills he gained from his adventures helped him win season four of the self-shot survival television series 'Alone' on History Channel where he and his brother survived on Northern Vancouver Island for 75 days. Aside from adventuring in Canada's North, Jim's also worked as a mineral prospector, a wilderness guide and with a mapmaking company.


Website: www.theadventurer.ca 


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