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Inspired by all culinary styles, Happy Yak Freeze-Dried meals is dedicated to satisfy all tastes with its recipes, favourites and classics. Our products have toured the planet with the most adventurous spirits of them all. Happy yak has climbed the highest peaks, sailed on stormy seas, and challenged the most hostile lands. Our products have traveled to Mount Everest, the North Pole, the South Pole, and throughout the world. We firmly believe that the food promotes sharing, friendship and pure moments of fun with those we love and that it is even more important when you are away from home. We want Happy Yak to be your personal chef in the open air, home, travel and on the road. We prepare our meals with quality ingredients only. They are not only succulent; they also provide the caloric value that meets the nutritional needs of the outdoor enthusiast. Feed your adventures with Happy Yak Freeze-Dried meals specialties!

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