Yannick Proulx

Country of origing / Canada

MISSION : Make people aware of their reality by considering our impact on our physical and mental health, our finances, other people, and the environment


As an entertainer and DJ for over 20 years, Yannick has always known how to bring people together and motivate them at his parties. Wishing to have a more significant and positive impact in his daily life, he decided to turn to long-distance walking to align with his values while sowing tiny seeds around him to inspire those he meets along the way. Yannick adopts a simple approach, far removed from the quest for performance. Guided by his intuition and the whim of providence, a term he discovered during his crossing of Canada, he lets himself be carried along by a state of mind focused on interactions with the living, the human, and nature. Every step he takes on the trails is another step towards reaching new heights, both inner and outer.

Together, let’s move toward infinite happiness!


« Patrouilleur P’tit Train du Nord » by foot, Laurentians

More than 4500km  by foot  on the Trans Canada Trail


FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/unerandoavecyannick

INSTAGRAM : @unerandoavecyannick