Nicolas Roulx

Country of Origin / Canada, QC

Mission: Better connect with the northern territory and help people discover it


Nicolas Roulx teaches history and geography at a Québec City secondary school. His influence extends beyond the classroom: as an adventurer, speaker, and producer, he combines his passion for nature and exploration with his love for sharing.

He embarks on expeditions to the most remote regions in his spare time. He is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and serves on its Expeditions Committee.

His first book, set to be released in November 2023, as well as his documentary scheduled for 2024, promise an enchanting journey through his exploits.


Good things come to those who wait


Among other expeditions to Canada’s North, in 2021, my friend Guillaume Moreau and I completed the first North-South crossing of Canada, using only human power. We “traveled” for 234 days, over 7600 km by ski, canoe, and bike, from the country’s northernmost island to its southernmost point.

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