Martin Trahan

Country of origin / Canada

Mission : Getting closer to happiness one adventure at a time.


The adventurer from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Martin Trahan, is an extraordinary long distance canoeist. In 2015, he and his 5 teammates crossed Canada by canoe, or 7,000 km in 175 days. This adventure earned them the mention “Canadian Expedition of the Year” according to the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Then, in 2016, Martin tackled the Yukon River, a 3,200 km trip he made in 70 days with Quebec adventurer Caroline Côté and two other teammates. Finally, in 2018, he set off on an adventure by canoe crossing the United States. This last 7500 km saga lasted 191 days and was named “America Dream Adventure of the Year” according to Canoe & Kayak Magazine. Always looking for discoveries, Siberia in Russia will be its next playground in 2022!

“There is no better way to discover a country and its people than to follow the waterways by canoe!”

– Martin Trahan

Martin Trahan – Accomplishments

  • 2015 – Crossing Canada by canoe (7000 km in 175 days)
  • 2016 – Yukon River by canoe (3200 km in 70 days)
  • 2018 – Crossing the United States by canoe (7,500 km in 191 days)
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