A truck is transporting Happy Yak meals to the US

Happy yak meals now ships US order

Exciting news! Happy Yak say’s “Thank you” to its US based clients.

Happy Yak Gourmet Freeze Dried meals, a division of Les Aliments Activ. Inc. will now be shipping to its US clients directly from the United States and more specifically from Vermont effective immediately. “To better serve our US based customers, shipping from Vermont speeds up delivery times for the orders, reduces shipping costs and eliminates any time lags associated with customs. The result is a quicker more efficient ordering process,” says Vice-President and Co-Founder, Mr. Guy DuBuc.

This is a continued approach to place more nutritious meals into the hand of the consumer. A vision by our Master Nutritionist, President and Co-Founder, Ms. Christine Chenard since 1996. At first, we will be offering our sixteen vegetarian and vegan meals with the meat offerings available in early 2021.



The freeze-drying process retains up to 98% of the ingredient’s initial nutritional value. The meals are shelf stable and easy to prepare. Simply open the pouch, add boiling water as indicated, mix then seal and wait for the time specified and enjoy!  This makes the meals ideal for any outdoor activity or for anyone who wants a delicious meal on the go. Whether you are a camper, student, truck driver or simply looking for nutrition at the workplace, Happy Yak freeze dried meals are the future of nutritional convenience.


Vermont Manufacturing Services

Happy Yak has chosen Vermont Manufacturing Services for its shipping needs. With over 30 years of industry experience, the team at Vermont Manufacturing Services has the skills and expertise to provide Happy Yak with on-time high-quality, cost-effective outsourcing solutions.

VMS takes pride in its Distribution Pick & Pack, Mailing, and Fulfillment Operations. VMS has over 20 years’ experience providing these services to businesses large and small in the USA and Canada.