Richard Rémy

FOunder and guide for KARAVANIERS

Sylvie Couture in  her « Sommets Vol. XIX No 1 - Hiver 2006 » writes that Richard Rémy travels the globe on foot to the rhythm of his dreams. Richard says that it really is the best way to travel, to attain the most remote areas, to meet people and learn of their culture, and to discover the wonders of the world.

In 1998, Richard created Karavaniers du Monde, a travel agency specialising in adventure packages. Karavaniers, leader in travel expeditions and adventure in Quebec, covers the four corners of the earth with more than 80 departures a year, to about 50 destinations. At Karavaniers, adventure travel is all about discovery and pleasure.

Richard has been a strong supporter of the Happy Yak adventure, even prior to its inception. Year after year, Karavaniers have relied on Happy Yak meals for quality nourishment during expeditions and adventure travels. Richard is one of our most fervent ambassadors, and it is always a genuine pleasure to interact with him and the members of his dynamic, friendly and attentive team.



« I have personally been using Christine’s products for the past twenty years, and Happy Yak is now Karavaniers’ food supplier. How would I rate Happy Yak food? The best you can find on the market! Portions are generous and the taste, even after 3 weeks under intense conditions, is still as succulent and praised by all travelers. Believe me, not an easy task to please the palate of some 1000 people a year, to places as far away as Greenland, Nepal, Panama and more than 40 other countries! »

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