Valérie Jolicoeur

Valérie, born in Montreal, spend her childhood in British Columbia where she had her first taste for camping between mountains and oceans. As a child, she already dreams to become a biologist to follow her love for insects and animals.
When she came back to Québec, Valérie grows up in summer camps such as Kéno and Camp Jeune Air. At only 14 years old, she discovers the pleasure of canoe-camping at Minogami summer camp in Shawinigan. With this new-born passion, Valérie spend her summers on long therme expeditions of 30 days and less where she had the chance to paddle on the Broadback river, the Ashampmushuan and the Moisie. Few years after those memorial days, she started to work as an instructor, offering a piece of her love for rivers to younger children.
In 2013, Valérie involves herself into Cegep de la Gaspésie formation of « Guide en Tourisme d’Aventure » for a year. Between her participation in the student association and meeting with extraordinary people sharing the same passion for outdooring, she stands out in everything that goes with whitewater and first aid.
For now, it is Valérie’s environmental convictions and this unbreakable love for nature that brought her to accomplish her Baccalauréat en Écologie at Sherbrooke University.
By being a part of On the blue gold paths, Valérie is looking forward to push further her physical and mental limits, as much as living a unique group experience. Adventuress in her soul, the true North calls for her and feeds her dream to naviguate on the dancing mist of cold Inuvik mornings.

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