Manuel Simon has a nurse formation. The diversity of the human body has consistently intrigued him, which is why he continued his education with a specialization in Mental Health and Psychiatry. The discovery of the cultures and the world is another one of his passions, and that's what drives him to be a part of bigger hiking expeditions.

From Senegal to Cuba, from Reunion Island to Mauritania, or from Belgium to Switzerland, he discovered that a comprehensive approach to environmental problems was what the world needed. For him, long travel and other sporting challenges are just opportunities to truly appreciate his surroundings. For him, it's not only about preserving the planet, it's about respecting life.

The project "Un coup de pagaie pour le Saint Laurent" fits logically in the continuity of this process of sharing, mutual enrichment and will of change. This is one of many reasons that have therefore pushed him to join his friend Richard Mardens for this great journey!

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