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Wild Raven Adventure is a concept that took shape in 2002. Before we met, we both undertook and experienced expeditions and adventures in our own way. However, we both had the same vision of what we wanted to do and accomplish. We did share also the same passions. We wanted to explore and discover the world.


NORAM odyssey

 It was at the end of our 2012 canoe trip (Perseverance Trip), that the idea of NorAm Odyssey came to us (“NorAm" stands for North America). Even though we did paddle in remote area during that summer, we have experienced something unique with the people we met along the way.

 Back in the routine of our regular citizen life, we realize that we were not completely happy. We use to work long hours and even seven days a week. We were stressed from that rat race we were leaving in. One day, both of us couldn’t take it anymore. That summer of 2012 had change something in our mind and soul. We were looking at life with another perspective. We wanted to be back on the water and experience some more of the beauty of people, life and nature.

 To make the NorAm Odyssey happen, we sold everything. It was a liberating process. We kept only some personal items such as pictures and books. Other that those items, what we have left now fit in the canoe. We are living a much simpler life with only the essential. We don’t have any string attach to our old way of living. We can experience every day the kindness of people and share stories with them. We witness some of the great beauty of nature and now leave in the present moment.

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