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A tasty shop

Happy Yak as a new tasty shop! Specializes in the creation of freeze-dried meals to be rehydrated, for people who are active or on the go. The company provides gourmet, practical meals that combine great taste, nutritional value and ease of preparation so that individuals can make the most of their leisure time. Happy Yak’s dishes travel all over the world, from the highest peaks on the planet with renowned mountaineers such as Gabriel Philippi, in the bag of video artist Caroline Côté, who travels the globe with projects that link performance to environmental preservation, and even into space aboard the International Space Shuttle! They are also part of smaller adventures such as excursions, family camping weekends, evenings by the fire or emergency contingency supplies.

Since its beginnings, the company has been in constant growth and its move in June 2019 has helped it, among other things, to increase its production capacity for the expansion of the international market. In the wake of its development, the company wanted a more user-friendly, dynamic online sales platform that offers customers a simple, practical and user-friendly online experience.

In order to respond to the immediate need for online marketing, as well as future projects of various online sales promotions, WooCommerce was chosen as the online sales platform. Thus, the choice of an optimized structure for SEO has been respected, as well as the capacity to evolve, thanks to the various compatible extension modules.

Some of the new site’s latest features include:

  • Display of food prices in the buyer’s currency
  • A section listing the organizations to which the company has donated significant amounts of money annually. They are loyal to the company’s values and receive 1% of the company’s sales
  • A more complete “Our Ambassadors” section to showcase the achievements of those who share the Happy Yak team’s passion for the outdoors and for surpassing oneself
  • The addition of a page and a “Become a retailer” form for the American market, in particular
  • A “Career” page with job postings and an online application form
  • The launch of the “Yak Addik” program, which will inform consumers about new products and promotional offers offered during the year


At Happy Yak, projects, as well as recipes, are always being concocted, so sign up for the “Yak Addik” program on the website and be on the lookout for all the latest news!


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