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Happy Yak Meals: The Balance Between Nutrition and Good Taste

Guy and Christine, co-founders of Happy Yak, explain why freeze-drying is an excellent method of food preservation in many aspects.

A Question of Balance

Lyophilization, commonly called freeze-drying, is the perfect way to retain all the nutritional values in food. This all-natural method is the best way to ensure maximum preservation of not only the color and texture of food, but its aroma as well, provided food is stored properly as it is sensitive to moisture and light. Once rehydrated, food regains its initial quality and properties, and it is almost impossible to tell apart from freshly prepared ones.

Lyophilization also makes it possible to enjoy meals that come closest to home-made dishes. With our balanced nutritional and gastronomic approach, we are very much mindful of good-tasting food. That’s why our meals are low in salt and high in protein. The foods we use are the least processed possible; we serve  pieces of real meat. Our easy-to-prepare freeze-dried meals are an amazing alternative to home-made meals, and they are much easier to carry on daily outdoor activities, for example.

The balance between nutrition and good taste makes Happy Yak meals gourmet dishes that are nutritious and delicious to enjoy in the great outdoors!

Mets lyophilisé Happy Yak

Mets lyophilisé Happy Yak

Eat and Have Fun

We truly believe that food is vital to our health. Indeed, we must eat well to maintain our health, but we also eat for pleasure. Eating is as important for our body as it is for our mind.

It is important for us at Happy Yak that  people go outdoors, explore and discover Nature. Whether you are camping with your family, hiking in the mountains, or going on a group ski trek, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. It is important to take time off for fun while having a great dining experience. Happy Yak meals are definitely the perfect solution for that!

Protection of the Environment

Protecting the environment is also important to us. We want to facilitate outdoor access because, how can we protect our environment if we do not set foot outdoors? We must see it and live it, we must experience it in order to be receptive and protect it. Our contribution to protect the environment, no matter how small, is to use the process of freeze-drying and to offer delicious, nutritious, flavorful and colorful foods to our customers.

Read Christine’s interview about her two passions!

Porc braisé, sauce aux champignons et vin blanc - Crédit photo : Frédérique @fredeetfred

Porc braisé, sauce aux champignons et vin blanc – Crédit photo : Frédérique @fredeetfred

Delani, Alaska

When Outdoors and Good Food Come Together!

Possessing a keen sense of aroma and flavor and having made multiple adventure travels to Greenland, Nepal and New Zealand, Christine Chenard creates and develops Happy Yak’s delicious meals. President and co-founder of the company, she shares her two passions: the great outdoors and nutrition.

Where does your passion for the outdoors come from and how important is nature in your life?

The outdoors, for me, is a matter of balance, where I can get fresh ideas and ground myself. Camping or just sitting and looking at the trees makes me feel good. For me, there are two aspects to the outdoors: contemplation and self-achievement.

My niece made me discover the zen part of the outdoors during a trip to Oka Park when she was only 4-5 years old. It was towards the end of the summer, we stopped in front of blooming milkweeds to admire their beauty! We took a picture of her contemplating the flowers. That, to me, was the ultimate connection to nature. Beautiful outings with children, swimming naked in a lake: this is the real outdoors, freedom, exploration, discoveries!

Allemagne - Crédit 2e photo : Espace pour la vie

Allemagne – Crédit 2e photo : Espace pour la vie

Moreover, as one who has a lot of fears and doubts, the outdoors to me is a great healer and allows me to surpass myself. My thought are always along the lines of: Wow! My body is able to do that! I’m amazed! It’s fantastic! I am always impressed what my body can accomplish; it is motivating.

The great outdoors came into my life little by little. It was only in the late twenties that I started making trips and group excursions. I did long-distance cycling and sea kayaking even before these sports became trendy! I like challenges. I did several expeditions, climbing, ski treks, etc. I went to Europe, Asia, and South America.

Happy Yak_Grimpe Small

The self-improvement aspect allows you to discover yourself, but also to discover your fellow travelers. We are never so much ourselves as when we are caught in a situation and very tired. During my travels, I learned that every person has strengths and weaknesses, but not at the same time. By that I mean that when one is tired, the other can take over.

What led you to study nutrition?

There are four reasons that led me to my study nutrition. First, I wanted to study medicine, but I did not have the grades! I also always felt that nutrition had an impact on the emotional aspect of people. I did tests on myself! I thought it was really important to eat well to be emotionally stable and happy. The whole chemical aspect of food, that is the chemical links between them, also interested me a lot. Finally, like many girls, I always had the impression of having a weight problem, so I chose nutrition to try to solve my problem. I wanted to know why it was difficult to follow the concepts of healthy eating. We all wish to eat well, but we do not follow through. I was really interested in the psychology surrounding these choices.

The combination of Christine’s two passions is one of the factors that undoubtedly assures the balance between nutrition, good taste and the pleasure of eating in the great outdoors that Happy Yak meals provide!

Wapta Ice Field, Ouest canadien

Wapta Ice Field, Ouest canadien

Learn more about the freeze-drying process that characterizes our meals right here!


Happy Hay don 1% donating

Happy Yak gives back to organizations that are dear to their heart!

Happy Yak is proud to support organizations that are important to them by donating 1% of their annual income to Scouts Canada, Leave  No Trace Canada and Mouvement Santé Globale.

Sharing and generosity are key values of Happy Yak since the very beginning of the company’s activities. Being sensitive to the surrounding environment and good health, Happy Yak encourages good outdoor practices, balanced eating habits and the pleasures of going on an adventure.

Congratulations to these organizations for their exceptional support of their community!

©Caroline Côté_Happy Yak

Photo credit: Caroline Côté 


Happy Yak is in full expansion from coast to coast. What better way to celebrate Canada’s 150 th Anniversary!

Attendance at the 2017 Outdoor and Adventure Travel Shows in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal was outstanding with an exceptional visitor turnout at the Happy Yak stand. All visitors, including regular clients, had but high praise for our products. Where else can you find such a vast selection of authentic and savoury meals with a high-protein and low salt content that will provide you with a great outdoor dining experience. More so, Happy Yak is a local business, and that in itself sparked a high-level of enthusiasm.

Canadian outdoor enthusiasts are on the lookout for Happy Yak. Our products are coming to a retailer near you, but if you can’t wait, go to Happy Yak and order online! It’s that easy.  Try your luck at winning a 100 $ value Happy Yak meal prize. Find the error in the first picture and email us at

ingrédients-lyophilisés et déshydratés

A Unique Process, yes, but there is more to it!

Lyophilisation, commonly called freeze-drying, is a unique method of food preservation which consists of freezing food rapidly, and placing theem in an apparatus under vacuum, to which a very small source of heat (20 °C) is applied to remove moisture. The process does not destroy the structure of the food; it retains its volume, aspect, texture and nutritional value. Once rehydrated, products regain their initial quality and properties, and are almost impossible to tell apart from freshly prepared foods.

Traditional drying, also called dehydration, requires a source of heat to evaporate the water contained in the food. However, this process slightly «cooks» the food and gives it, usually,  a rubbery texture. Once rehydrated, foods have a modified texture.

But the quality of Happy Yak dishes reside more in its recipes and its selection of quality ingredients, its spices and size of the pieces of meat and vegetables. That is what matters, more than the process.

It’s like putting the freshness in a bag!

Délices de la mer à la maison le soir _DSC0642-Délice de la mer_GUY



outdors store inside for blogs

Thanks to you, dear clients our network of points of sale keeps growing.

During the last few months, several customers and those interested in our products have asked us if it was possible to make the purchase of Happy Yak meals other than from our website.

We can now say Happy Yak meals, are available in several outdoor stores,  numerous parks of SEPAQ, other parks and outdoor centers across Quebec.

To know the nearest one, click on “Stores” in the footer, left, of our website

Visit this section regularly since the number of stores is constantly growing.

They are selected for their passion, customer service, expertise and integrity.

They shares values ​​identical to ours, together we form a team ready to feed your adventures wherever you are.

We are proud to be able to count on our new dynamic distributors, who will talk to you about our products and guide you in your choices.

Happy Yak always at your service

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Spaghetti-à- la-sauce-Napolitaine-et-tomates-séchées

So Simple, Yet So Tasty

In no time, you get a most appetizing and flavourful meal. They are so simple to prepare and so delicious to eat. The nutritional value of the foods, their appearance and their volume are similar to freshly prepared meals. Simply add cold water to the bag, bring to a boil, cook for 1 to 2 minutes and let it rest for 10 minutes. There you go!


Letter from MasterChef Yak


letter headerWith spring and summer quickly underway and the celebration of our first year online, there is a lot of excitement in the air at Happy Yak.

Our first year was packed with numerous successes and we have learned a lot. The positive comments and responses that we receive from you as well as the continuously increasing number of YakAddicts are our main motivators.

1 year online

In order to celebrate our first birthday, we decided to hold a contest with some of our wonderful partners and offer prizes that we feel will deliver exciting and memorable experiences. This contest aims to thank our loyal YakAddicts for the last year that we have shared together and to offer you the opportunity to pass the word on to your family and friends.

Thus, thank you dear YakAddicts! We are happy to be a part of your adventures and we hope to share many other years with you.


Participate and share. Good luck to you all!


See you soon,


MasterChef Yak

President of Happy Yak

Proud to be feeding the beast in you!




Hurrah! Mylène Paquette beats the odds.

After 129 days at sea, Mylène Paquette achieved her ultimate objective: crossing the North Atlantic rowing solo.

mylène dans Hermel

Mylène could count on the support and coaching of her team on the ground; team who kept daily contact with her and kept us duly informed of her progress.

She crossed the finish line on November 12, 2013. She faced several days of bad weather, extreme conditions, 100 km winds, ten-meter waves, and capsized on 10 occasions.

Mylène et queen mary II

Thanks to her determination, courage and unwavering optimism, she overcame all and beat the odds. She immediately becomes the 1st North American woman to achieve this extraordinary journey. Congratulations to you Mylène! You’ve demonstrated that anything is possible, and you have touched and motivated thousands of people. The Happy Yak herd salutes you.