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Happy Yak Meals: The Balance Between Nutrition and Good Taste

Guy and Christine, co-founders of Happy Yak, explain why freeze-drying is an excellent method of food preservation in many aspects.

A Question of Balance

Lyophilization, commonly called freeze-drying, is the perfect way to retain all the nutritional values in food. This all-natural method is the best way to ensure maximum preservation of not only the color and texture of food, but its aroma as well, provided food is stored properly as it is sensitive to moisture and light. Once rehydrated, food regains its initial quality and properties, and it is almost impossible to tell apart from freshly prepared ones.

Lyophilization also makes it possible to enjoy meals that come closest to home-made dishes. With our balanced nutritional and gastronomic approach, we are very much mindful of good-tasting food. That’s why our meals are low in salt and high in protein. The foods we use are the least processed possible; we serve  pieces of real meat. Our easy-to-prepare freeze-dried meals are an amazing alternative to home-made meals, and they are much easier to carry on daily outdoor activities, for example.

The balance between nutrition and good taste makes Happy Yak meals gourmet dishes that are nutritious and delicious to enjoy in the great outdoors!

Mets lyophilisé Happy Yak

Mets lyophilisé Happy Yak

Eat and Have Fun

We truly believe that food is vital to our health. Indeed, we must eat well to maintain our health, but we also eat for pleasure. Eating is as important for our body as it is for our mind.

It is important for us at Happy Yak that  people go outdoors, explore and discover Nature. Whether you are camping with your family, hiking in the mountains, or going on a group ski trek, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. It is important to take time off for fun while having a great dining experience. Happy Yak meals are definitely the perfect solution for that!

Protection of the Environment

Protecting the environment is also important to us. We want to facilitate outdoor access because, how can we protect our environment if we do not set foot outdoors? We must see it and live it, we must experience it in order to be receptive and protect it. Our contribution to protect the environment, no matter how small, is to use the process of freeze-drying and to offer delicious, nutritious, flavorful and colorful foods to our customers.

Read Christine’s interview about her two passions!

Porc braisé, sauce aux champignons et vin blanc - Crédit photo : Frédérique @fredeetfred

Porc braisé, sauce aux champignons et vin blanc – Crédit photo : Frédérique @fredeetfred

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